“Going Back to the Greek” Documentary Review

My thoughts on Pastor Steven Anderson’s latest film.

Pastor Anderson’s “Going Back to the Greek” documentary completely debunks the idea that native Greek speakers in a country like Cyprus can’t understand the Textus Receptus, and it features some pretty cool soul winning footage to boot!

Let me first address the elephant in the room.

Pastor Anderson has repeatedly confirmed that Reformed Pastor Dane Johannsson (who partnered with him for the documentary) believes the right gospel, believes right on repentance and denies works salvation.

Obviously, there are very real and pronounced differences between Pastors Anderson and Johannsson — but there’s no conceivable way they differ on salvation. Think about this from a logical perspective: Would Pastor Anderson go out soul winning with a guy who doesn’t even believe in salvation by faith? If Pastor Johannsson is an unsaved heretic, wouldn’t he have major issues with Pastor Anderson’s gospel presentation?

Anyone still skeptical of Pastor Johannsson’s involvement with “Going Back to the Greek” should still watch the movie anyway, if only to see the GOOD that came out of it.

You get to see men of God soul winning, fellowshipping, meeting natives, sharing testimonies and doing a great work for Christ. Together, they got 20+ souls saved while proving that fluent Greek speakers can understand the Textus Receptus. The film also underscores how badly Greek speaking people need faithful soul winners to repudiate the false Orthodox doctrines prevalent in Cyprus, Greece and other places.

Preachers who go back to the Greek language (despite knowing zero Greek) invariably end up looking like complete bozos. This film exposes their folly and emphasizes that if you can’t even say “hello, how are you?” in Greek, you have no business using the language to teach doctrine. It also proves that college professors who turn Biblical Greek into a mysterious Klingon-type language have no idea what they’re talking about.

Any film that debunks pseudointellectual “scholars” AND helps fulfill the Great Commission gets a thumbs up from me. I highly recommend watching “Going Back to the Greek.”

Check out the documentary below:

2 thoughts on ““Going Back to the Greek” Documentary Review

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  2. this is false news your version of chistain is not treu its just your version and everybody else is wrong how you believe is in you not preached to you i am orthodox born orthodox die orthodox been around for 2020 years and you upstarts with a little knowlage think you can change it all we are cristians and should not down do each other go in peace.


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